Girl Talk — See what our fabulous ladies are gossiping about after their Boudoir Experience...

It was amazing to look through the pictures with you the other day. One of the most liberating experiences of my life. I am SO totally happy with everything and cannot wait to see the finished product!
— Shannon W.
What an amazing experience ... I would suggest this photo shoot for every woman. Theresa makes you feel so comfortable and does such a beautiful job adding extras to the pictures when editing, the perfect effect and highlights.
Thank You Theresa!
— Stacey C.
Had such an amazing experience with the entire staff! I was so nervous at first but they make you feel so beautiful and comfortable by the time I was done with the first picture I felt like a movie star. I suggest any one doing this as a great gift for their loved one or even for yourself to remind yourself how sexy you can be.
— Christina L.
Totally an amazing experience! Thanks for making me feel like a hottie again, over a plain Jane new mommy!
— Jessicalynn
I just left the studio after viewing my photos. Holy cow they are awesome. Right from the start I was put at ease and was made to feel very special. The shoot went so well I didn’t want it to stop. Theresa is a total professional. I would advise anyone to do this. No matter what shape or age you are. It gave me a whole new view of myself. Thank you ladies, you are wonderful people.
Yummy cupcake too.
— Darlene L.
Had a great experience with Sexy Amore.... Theresa really made you feel comfortable and I had so much fun stepping out of my comfort zone ... Thanks again and I LOVE my pictures and book... Amazing job :)...
I’ll be back!!!
— Anita L.
Thank you thank you thank you! My hubby loved his surprise, he couldn’t stop telling me how beautiful I looked. I loved watching his expressions change as he turned each page. His eyes almost popped out a couple of times... Definitely an amazing and wonderful experience.
— Alisa H.
I enjoyed it so much that even though I am not that young, I was made to feel beautiful.
— Gale M.
The whole experience was amazing! Definitely a “bucket list” check off lol...thanks for giving my confidence a boost and making me look amazing.
— Shannon G.
Theresa was amazing! So sweet and funny which made me comfortable in my panties!! Her creative talent made my pictures so beautiful that picking favorites was nearly impossible. My fiancé was more than happy with the pictures!! ;) Love her and can’t say enough good things about her and how good this session makes you feel! Be sexy..
— Lori G.
Thank you so much for the beautiful photo shoot! Mike was very surprised and thinks it was a great wedding gift.
— Sharon P.
Best experience!!! Loved every second of it! Thank you so much for boosting my self confidence =) every woman should do this at least once!!! Theresa is amazing!
— Shannon G.