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Theresa, Ann Marie, and Jenn are here to help you let loose and enjoy every minute of this experience!

We believe in making you as comfortable as possible in our private studio. We want you to feel like the beautiful and sexy woman you are, all while having fun. With the right atmosphere, beautiful attitude, and guidance from our girls, you will feel like a Victoria's Secret Model!

Remember, this is a time for you to do something you never thought you would.  We help you create something beautiful for yourself or someone special.

Sexy Amore is a private all-women division of  Theresa Artigas Photography that is aimed to make every woman feel beautiful. We will accentuate the positives and minimize the negatives. Theresa will guide you through your shoot to make you look and feel as fabulous as you truly are.

We have various scenes to set the mood: from soft and romantic to fun and edgy, whatever you feel most comfortable in.

To find out more please call and speak to one of the girls at:  732.233.7885