Are digital files/CDs for sale?

We do not sell the digital files of your images.  We believe that your images should be shown in the highest quality and processed in professional design labs.

This is out of my comfort zone ... can I do this?

YES! This is out of everyone's comfort zone.  Take a look at what our ladies have to say about their experience.  You will be surprised how comfortable you will feel after the shoot begins.  Theresa guides you step by step through your session; you have nothing to worry about.  It is time to do something that will make you feel fabulous! 

We always recommend coming in for a consultation.  You will meet all of us here at Sexy Amore, see the studio and browse our products.  We will take the time to discuss outfits and address any of your concerns.   Your session is all about you!  We are here to make this experience fun and stress free. 

I am not young or thin, can older women do this?

YES again!  We have plus size women & women over 50 (even over 70!) come through our doors.  Unfortunately, even though we think every lady we photograph is beautiful some are not comfortable with their images on the Internet.  We are all created differently and we are here to embrace that.  Each photo shoot is unique and created to bring out the best no matter what age or size you are.  

Again, we always recommend coming in for a consultation. 

I have some problem areas, am I retouched?

All of the images you choose will be professionally retouched to the best of our ability, addressing basic cellulite, stress marks, scars, and acne.  We truly believe in keeping you as beautiful as you are and will not alter your appearance by taking off 40lbs. This is why we recommend that you come see us for a consultation so we can best guide as to what to wear that suites your body type.  We will also show you examples of retouching from our collection of past clients.

What should I wear?

Where what makes you feel sexy!  We highly recommend corsets, especially if you have tummy concerns; they're great for lifting 'the girls' and accentuating your curves!  High heels, the higher the better, nude and black are the best colors to match all outfits.  

Some sites we recommend, as we do not supply lingerie are: Lingerie Diva, 3wishes, and Mingle XOXO.

Local Shop: Brazen Bra's | North, 3333 U.S. 9, Freehold, NJ 07728 | 732.333.0259

If this is a gift for a significant other we recommend personalizing your session with either your wardrobe or props:

Sports Jerseys, Work Uniforms, Dress Shirt & Tie, Leather Jacket and Boots, School girl outfit, Cowgirl.

Jewelry, Surf Board, Hats, High Boots, Fur Coats, Cupcakes/Candy, and even Motorcycles!

Happy Shopping! 

What about Hair & Makeup?

We provide hair and makeup, either in-house or at a local beauty salon, for an additional cost of $75.00 each.  

I’m ready to book! What is the next step?

Once you have scheduled your session date and we have received your $50 appointment fee*, you will be emailed our contract.  The contract must be reviewed, signed and returned via email within 2 business days of booking your session to reserve your session date. 

*Appointment fee is required when using a gift card or promotional offer.

How long will my session be & when can I see my pictures?

Session length depends on how many scenes you purchase.  Hair & make up runs about an hour, your shoot can range anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours, and the view & choose is on average from an hour to an 1 1/2 hours.  We create your shoot to be an unforgettable experience.  Your photos can be either viewed about an hour after your shoot or on another scheduled date.

What if I cannot make my session date, can I reschedule?

Of course, we all know how life happens and things come up.  However, if you contact us to reschedule with less than 48 hours’ notice, you forget about your appointment or you have already rescheduled more than twice, your appointment fee is non-refundable. Upon rescheduling for a third time an additional $50 appointment fee will be charged.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the custom nature of your individual photo session all products ordered, session fees, and deposits are non-refundable.

Can my significant other help choose my photos?

Of course they can!  We can arrange your view & choose so both of you can sit down and choose together.

Can I bring Moral Support?

Bringing support is a great idea, but remember this is a Girls Only Zone.  Please keep in mind, during the shooting process, Theresa has full say if she needs it to just be you and her in the room.

Will my pictures be put online?

We have model releases from everyone you see on our website.  As much as we would like to show off all our beautiful ladies, it is 100% optional and your choice.

Do you take nude photographs?

Unfortunately we do not take photographs of you without clothing on.  However, we can create the illusion of being in the nude.  We strongly believe you do not need to bare it all to create tasteful and sensual pictures.


Additional information will be outlined in your agreement with Sexy Amore once you book.