Oooh La La! | Boudoir Bella Album

This beautiful Bella Album was just delivered today and we cannot contain our excitement!  This is our largest album to date .... 50 pages filled with such beautiful images is pretty priceless.

Check back soon to see the full blog on her shoots [yes plural, she came back for more!].


Ad Blitz

To continue from yesterday here is another of our new ads.  It wont come out till next month so you are seeing it here first..  This one is for celebrations magazine.  Our GroupOn deal is still active.  Have a great day everyone.

New Ads

We just started advertising in the Coast Star newspaper.  A great weekly paper here at the shore.  Here are the three most recent ads.  Were advertising all over the place lately and this is just the begining of our new ad blitz lol.  So let me know where you see us.