Ad Blitz

To continue from yesterday here is another of our new ads.  It wont come out till next month so you are seeing it here first..  This one is for celebrations magazine.  Our GroupOn deal is still active.  Have a great day everyone.

New Ads

We just started advertising in the Coast Star newspaper.  A great weekly paper here at the shore.  Here are the three most recent ads.  Were advertising all over the place lately and this is just the begining of our new ad blitz lol.  So let me know where you see us.


Lots of parties lately.  Some bridal but most just for fun.  The link below is for our party special.  Parties are fun.  Lots of finger foods, champagne good music and lots of fun.  We average 4-8 people per party and everyone views and chooses their images that evening.  We have special packages just for our events and you get the whole place to yourself fot the pary.


We are working on lots of new ideas for props and accesories.  Cant wait to start sharing some of these new things.  Hate to be a tease but I will be sharing them shortly.  Dont forget to check out our current GroupOn deal below.